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Original Caramels

Original Caramels
1 lb. bag (about 36 pieces) of our Original Caramels individually wrapped in cellophane.
Made with the finest ingredients, including heavy cream and Wisconsin Grade AA butter (which is churned locally) and complemented by the rich flavor of C&H brown sugar. The soft and chewy caramel is slowly cooked in copper kettles which develops an amazing caramel flavor. These are an absolute delight!
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: $13.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sherrie Burrell (sherrieburrell@comcast.net)
  • Author: Nikkicute
    THE BEST caramels ever!!! So soft and creamy. Received my 1 lb. bag eight days later the bag is empty!! LOL I'm back for another purchase.
  • Author: Dan
    Theses are the best caramels I have ever had!!!!
  • Author: Lori Murphy
    I picked a few pieces up as I was checking out and now my son and I want more!! The best Carmel we ever had!
  • Author: Elisha
    These Caramels are the best that I have ever tasted...I am always disappointed when the stores is out...but then again I understand why they sell so quickly...Thank You!!!
  • Author: Leslie
    I just picked up one from CVS, and I am instantly addicted. I only got one, and it was so delicious and creamy!! The first thing I did when I came in the house was to find the website!!
  • Author: Anny
    Fantastic. Try cutting one caramel up in 8-12 tiny pieces until you have a cup full and add to your chocolate chip cookie dough batch. OMG, they are addictive. The caramel that melts out of the cookie is crisp and oh so yummy. The can be soft or crispy cookies. Both our outrageous. Enjoy! The rating on L. Frances caramels should be 5.
  • Author: Tammy
    same as Leslie...went to CVS picked up a few and became addicted!! and looked LFrances up!! only 1 lb. bag though??? please make bigger bags...thanks :)
  • Author: Bill
    OMG!!! Just like everyone else, I was addicted after the 1st one! This takes me back to the old craftsmanship of yesteryear. MMMMMM!
  • Author: Crystale
    This candy is the best you can actually taste all the ingredients really awesome I first brought them from CVS I researched and found this website it's popping now!!!!!
  • Author: jan
    Put your caramels in stockings this year. They were a hit.
  • Author: Angela J.
    I picked up 3 pieces while checking out of CVS. I'm going back tomorrow!!
  • Author: JUDI MAXFIELD (judimax007@yahoo.com)
    I too stop by and had one of your caramels they are soooo good so here I am getting a pound can't wait to get them....
  • Author: Margie
    I bought your Caramels in CVS@ 3/.99c I LOVE caramel and I they are worth every penny. Future buyer.
  • Author: DIANE
  • Author: Jim Lincoln
    Delightful, mouth-watering, creamy, chewy, rich, buttery, flavorful. Did I mention delightful?
  • Author: Gary Blouin
    Was with wife at CVS. Needed to spend another 2 cents to get use of $5.00 coupon. So grabbed the nearest thing which was a single piece of caramel for 33 cents. Wife ate candy in car and fell in love with it. On the way home, we had to stop by our nearby Bi-Lo and another CVS was right next door. Wife made me go to CVS to buy more. We looked for about 5 minutes and couldn't find anything. Two store employees helped us and it finally dawned on the guy that he had a bag behind the counter.
  • Author: greg
    the best caramel you will have taste i love it
  • Author: Kim C Benton (kcarolf@gmail.com)
    CVS is where I got mine. Ooooh Lawd these are GOOOOD! lol Had to get more, can't wait for the 1lb bag to arrive. I may overdose on caramel the day it comes. (-;
  • Author: Meshana Brown
    Love It! Love It! Love It! I work at CVS and I buy at least two a day.... They are so soft and creamy... I want to buy the one pound bag... Can some one tell me how many pieces come in it? Thank you
  • Author: Lisa
    I'm not a big fan of caramel. Checking out at CVS one day decided to grab a few and now I have a full blown addiction.
  • Author: Wilfredo
    I loved caramel as a child, and have not had any since. I am 60 years old now; I shop at Walgreens often and noticed the caramels at checkout, 3/99 cents. I grabbed 3; the best I ever tasted. I'm hooked; I'm going to stock up for the holidays, and share with everybody. Yum Yum
  • Author: Denise Pudelski
    Your caramels are totally amazing. The best I've ever had. My chiropractor loves caramels, so once in a while I take him some as a treat and right away he sticks them in his pocket so no one else sees he has them! Keep making them.
  • Author: Linda
    This are the best caramels I have ever put in my mouth. Got mine at CVS, 3/99 cents. Please sale bigger bags!
  • Author: Ann Czartoryski
    The best! Taste like homemade.
  • Author: Patty
    I was in a Walgreen's picking up a toothbrush in Lewes, Delaware this weekend when I spotted these caramels right near the check out. I tried one and now I am hooked! Love these so much. I am going to see if my local Walgreen's carry these.
  • Author: Lynda
  • Author: Kathi
    I am so addicted it is not funny.
    These are the best caramels by far ever, ever, ever.!!!!!!!!!
  • Author: Carl Severa
    Absolutely the best
  • Author: Susan
    I LOVE these caramels. CVS by us no longer sells them so I went on line. My order was quickly filled and I am so happy.
  • Author: TuuaFaupusa
    I need these caramels! Hands down best candy, not just caramel...best candy I've ever had!
  • Author: christina
    Love these caramels! So addictive! Where can I find the nutritional info on them?
  • Author: Marlene
    I wrote the following letter to this company and will also contact CVS. To those here who bought at CVS has the product been cancelled nationwide or just in my area in PA? Thanks.

    I just found out that the CVS stores in my area have decided not to carry your product anymore. I don't know if this is a nationwide decision but I am sad to learn of this decision. I have enjoyed your product whenever I frequented my CVS store I believe for almost 30 yrs!! The were always 3 for 99 cents. I never made it home without eating all 3. When I was dieting, I just bought 1 or 2. I even figured out how many Weight Watchers point they were. I plan to also write to CVS and give my opinion, but wanted to let you know you have a great product. Do you know where else these are sold near the 18914 area code? Thank you!
  • Author: Daniella
    I was so sad when they stopped to selling in CVS.
  • Author: MLJ Shell
    First found these at my local CVS and they are too die for!!! Taste great and nice and soft. Excellent product! Keep up the good work AND DO KOT CHANGE THE RECIPE AT ALL. My local CVS just told yesterday 11-18-17 that these are in every CVS now across the country. Amazing!!!
  • Author: Pat
    The best caramels ever!!!! I can't believe how much buttery flavor they pack. WE LOVE IT!!! Wish they were sold in a larger bag :)
  • Author: Sophia
    I love these CARAMELS! ;D
    Pls start selling them by the bag in stores!
  • Author: Michael
    Because I was allergic to chocolate as a child, I wasn't allowed to have candy for the most part cuz they all had chocolate . However my grandmother every fall would make different candies, and her caramels where the best! She made buttery caramel and some she would add maple syrup in with it to give it a maple flavor but both of what my grandmother's candies were we're really really good however, back then we didn't know what it was like to have store candy!
    But I must say that when I tried one of these L France's caramels it instantly through me back 55 years to popping one of my grandmother's caramel's in my mouth and have it just melt across your tongue with a buttery creamy and the flavor was so intense best caramel I've ever eaten they are addictive. End of discussion the best on the planet!
    If you buy a couple of pounds of these which I would have courage however when you buy them image of just sticking right onto your butt! .... because that's what you're going to do, is gain 20 pounds from two pounds of caramels, ... cuz I can guarantee they're going to be gone in less than 2 weeks! I know I've done it! But I'm back for more!!!
  • Author: JaAnDa
    Unlike most folks here who purchased at CVS, I have gotten mine, 1-2 pieces at a time, when in my local ACE hardware store.
    Like everyone else I am now addicted. Not a good thing for borderline diabetic! But am going to order here. My logic? If I have a larger supply perhaps I won't eat them all within a day or two, since there are many more to last longer. (?) Wonder if it will work.
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    They taste like Kraft caramels.
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